Butler Fury Youth Soccer is a select program developing competitive teams and more importantly, developing the player’s integrity for a lifetime.

Many talented, well rounded players cannot play on select teams or clubs because their families cannot support (for a variety of reasons) the typically high cost of most programs. The Neu’s ( David and Krista) started the Butler Fury program as a solution to this situation. Now, the youth of Butler County and the surrounding areas have a team one can try out for that is affordable. A club that will train young players and improve their skills but also work on self- confidence, leadership and integrity (as core fundamentals for our program.) Now in its 3rd year, Butler Fury has increased from one to five teams with over 70 children. 

Our families are as diverse as our surrounding area and from all walks of life. Due to one of the key reasons we started the Fury (affordability), we will keep costs low while maintaining great training and life lessons. As an example, our licensed coaches and trainers are not paid financially. The coaches love the game and take great value from leading our children. Butler Fury is attracting many talented players and trainers under this philosophy. As with any growing program, success will bring incremental costs. This is where you can help. 

We are looking for generous companies wanting to partner with Butler Fury and help in our mission. Please see the chart above for more details and if one of our sponsorship levels do not meet your participation level, please contact us. We will find a solution to enable your desire to support our growing program. In appreciation, all our sponsors will appear on our website with their company’s logo. 

Sponsorship over $500.00

  • Will have a banner at our home fields.
  • Thank you letter written from team or player. Additionally, Sponsorship over $1,000.00 *Company name/logo will be on Club’s Travel Sign.

Thank you from Butler Fury.
Krista and David Neu
Co-Presidents of Butler Fury