Tryout Registration is Open, and a New Website!

Tryouts are now open for the 2018-2019 soccer seasons.   Tryouts will begin at the end of May and go through the first week in June.   

This year, Butler Fury's state organization, Ohio South Youth Soccer Association, is moving player registration to the new US Soccer Connect system.   This system is designed to make the registration process more complete, and allows player information to reside at the club level, and allows clubs to register players and teams with a league, which then registers up through the state and national level.  This gives US Soccer a national database of players to help track development.

For Butler Fury, we are using this new system to register all players for the 2018-2019 season.  What this means to parents and players is that the registration process can be a bit more time consuming, but is ultimately more complete and safer for both kids, clubs, and the state organizations.   It provides a digital way to ensure all players and parents see the necessary safety information needed to ensure safe play.

We at Butler Fury are excited to open registration on May 1st and look forward to the coming year.  For more information, and to register, click on the button below.  Be sure to read the Registration Help document before registering as it provides valuable information on the registration process.

In addition to registration being open, you may have noticed a new look for  We have modernized the site in order to provide a better experience for players and parents looking for information.