Club's Annually Parent/ Player Meeting

Feb. 22, 2019

U11g u13g, and u19b Report at 6pm

Academy Players Report at 6:30pm

U15g, u14b, u17g, u19g, and u16b Report at 6:55pm

Butler Fury requires all Parents/ Grandparent (at least one) and Players to attend the Butler Fury Youth Soccer annual meeting.

It will be held Friday, Feb. 22. The location is Grace Bible Presbyterian Church 12060 Lebanon Rd 45241

The format is a bit different this year.  The annual meeting is in conjunction with


Teams will be assigned when to do a FUN-raiser and team time.

The Fun-raiser and team time will bookend the Club's Annual Meeting at 7pm.

More details on the Fun-raiser your coach has please reach out to them.

Please PEN this in on your family calendar!