Hope in Action Facts

Founders Amy and John and full time volunteer Kellis

Hope in Action is a street ministry who's mission is to bring food and clothing to downtown Cincinnati's homeless population.   Two nights a week (Sunday and Wednesday), Amy, John, and Kellis travel to downtown Cincinnati and hand out food and necessities to Cincinnati's homeless, and in the process, get to know the people, and understand their story.

Starting back on May 29th at the first tryout, and for two weeks leading up to June 10th, Butler Fury collected supplies for donation to Hope in Action.   Tonight, on June 10th, a group Butler Fury players, coaches, and families dropped off the supplies and helped stage the food for giving to the homeless tonight.   Two teens from Fury families volunteered to hand out food and supplies tonight.  We also got to talk to Amy and John, the founders, about the things that they have learned and about the real people who's lives are affected by homelessness, and how much good help like they can provide actually means.

Hope in Action serves 120-150 people twice weekly.  For many of those people, this is the only food they will eat during that week, and often go hungry for days until the next van arrives.  Many of these people travel 10-15 miles per day on foot as they move from areas they are legally allowed to sleep, to places where they can possibly get a good meal, to in many cases a job they are working to try and get off the streets.    For many of these people, their name is said out loud only once in four months.   So essentials like socks, and some filling food can save a life.   A friend who will know their name and hear their story, can mean just as much.

Butler Fury is proud to be associated with Hope in Action and will continue community service projects to build players with character.