Registering to be a coach

Coaches registration is easy and straight forward. To register to be a coach, follow the procedure below:

1. Click on the button at the left marked “Manage Account” and a new browser window will open taking you to your login for StackSports. If you have registered a player or registered to be a coach in the past, use your previous login to log in.

2. You should now be in your Member Account page. Click on the button labeled “Register Now

3. Under “Coaches” click “Register Now” for the season you will be coaching in.

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 8.58.13 PM.png

4. Click the name of the person you are registering to be a coach and click the button “Add Registration for Selected Person”.

5. Select “Coach Pool” and click “Continue to Registrant Information"“.

6. Read the information carefully and fill in all required information. Note: you must use your legal name. The information provided will be used for your background check. Then click “Continue to Photos”

7. Upload a headshot. This must be a close up of your head with your head filling approximately 75% of the picture. 300x400 pixels works best. The click “Continue to Register Participant

8. The next page will show your registration summary. Be sure to click “Confirm Registration” at the bottom to complete registration.


9. Back at the member page, you will see the coaches name under “Member Profiles” along with the picture you uploaded earlier and three documents. Please upload your updated concussion training certificate by clicking “Manage” next to that document. You can upload your Coaching Certificate if you wish under the bottom category “Safety/Additional Certification”.

10. This year, all coaches and club administrators are required to take the SafeSport Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education. The training can take 1-2 hours to complete. Click “Begin Training” to begin and follow the instructions.

11. You will be shown a code. Copy this down. Then click “Begin Training”.

12. You will be asked to create a SafeSport account for US Soccer. Take note of the email and password you use and save them for later use.

13. The next page fill in your information. Make sure you use your legal name. Then click “Save”.

At this point you will be logged out and an email sent to you. You must find the email and verify your information before you can continue.

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 9.34.12 PM.png

14. After verifying your information, log in and go to the “Learning Dashboard” to continue the training.

15. Click on the play next to “Trained” to start the training.